The Organising Committee is a bunch of us who volunteer a bit of our time to keep NetThing going and at this stage, most of our focus is on our annual get-together. Typically we meet monthly and in the leadup to the event, fortnightly via Zoom.

We’re open and inclusive, come join us!

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Some of us automatically receive your email subscription and once we see that, we’ll add you to our Zoom invites and our Slack channel. Hope to see you at a meeting!

What is NetThing (auIGF)?

NetThing is the internet community and governance “glue” that holds the Internet in Australia together. For Australia to have a prosperous and sustainable Internet we need multi stakeholder engagement and action.

We need groups, people, industry and governments to share ideas, policy and resources. We need to ensure humanity and inclusion is at the heart of the Internet. Without this, we put our global voice at risk, and send a signal to the world that Australian’s cannot work together.

Australia is missing its Internet governance and community glue. We are rebuilding it.

Other countries around the world like New Zealand and regions such as the Asia Pacific, do Internet governance well, we aren’t going to be left behind.

What help is needed?

Financial support

Financial support is obviously a big one! It takes resources to hold the event, and this one is being put together with, at this stage, minimal funding. If having a robust, inclusive, multistakeholder Internet community is important to you, please consider a contribution. 

Email us via for a prospectus or to make a contribution

Come along on 1-2 October

Of course we need people to come to this great event!

Ask someone along

If you want to share your expertise on the day, have a suggestion for someone we should get in the room, or you can share with your network – please do!

Where are funds held and managed?

Internet Australia is holding and auspicing funds on behalf of our event and the NetThing Multi-stakeholder Organising Committee. 

Management is done by the volunteer community of organisers involved in NetThing including folks from APNIC, ASPI, CHOICE, EFA, Dept Communications and the Arts, and Australian universities.