This year, in 2020, NetThing will look a bit different to what we had originally anticipated! It would not be responsible to bring together a large number of attendees into a single room, as we did last year, but we see an opportunity to create a connected set of small gatherings in different locales. This is perhaps an opportunity to use the power of the Internet to better connect dispersed communities and have an improved regional reach. 

The next NetThing will be held on 1-2 October. The format will be one 2-3 hour panel/discussion session each afternoon of the week, based out of a different physical venue each day. Perhaps 20-30 people would attend the venue where a panel is being held, but the majority of attendance and participation would be via the internet

In its new format, NetThing 2020 will continue to address five themes:

    • Policy – the intersection of society, economics, law, politics and the internet
    • Inclusion – creating an internet for everyone, and an internet community that is everyone
    • Technology – the technologies that build and use the internet
    • Security – cybersecurity, cybersafety, infrastructure protection, identity and financial protection, through the lens of the internet 
    • The future – speculative, fun, inspirational views of the future internet

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NetThing is for individuals, community groups, industry leaders, government representatives, academics, students, media – all Internet users – to discuss Internet-related issues in Australia.

We like to think of it as a forum for decision makers NOT a decision making forum 🙂

There’s three ways to join the conversation and get involved

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